EBC Kids Explore The Bible

Explore the Bible: Kids is a book-by book study that encourages kids to dig deep into Scripture. In every study, kids explore the people, places and objects of the Bible in a historical context, but they also discover ways to compare them to modern-day life.  

  1. Kids dig deep into the Bible with the interactive app

    Explore the Bible not only includes a magazine-style explorer guide for younger and older kids, it also features a free app (iOS or Android) with different sections for preschoolers, kids and parents.
  • Kids see modern-day life connect with the Bible in weekly videos

    Each session features an engaging, host-driven introduction video, which helps leaders jumpstart the study and captures kids' interest for digging deeper into the Bible.
  • Kids explore the Bible through object-based studies

    Each session of Explore the Bible: Kids uses object-based learning to help kids dig deep. This helps kids learn about different stories of the Bible from a rich, historical context and then compare them to modern-day life.
  • Kids engage with exciting historical content each week

    Because the studies for Explore the Bible: Kids are object-based, it is important to illustrate content that is historically accurate and trustworthy. Every image and fact in each study is meticulously selected and curated for the purpose of helping kids connect with the Bible and helping that text come to life.

Children's Choir

Children's Choir is a fun and exciting music education program where kids sing and learn movements to some of their favorite songs.  We then perform for our church and families, showing off all we've learned.  Ages 3 years old through 5th grade are welcome.


Your child's safety is our number one priority.  As you enter the children's building, you will check in at one of our ipad kiosk.  Your child will be checked in using our security system where you will receive three printed tags.  One for the child to wear, one for the teacher to identify them and one for the parent or guardian to keep.  To keep your child secure, only parents with the security tag will be able to pick up that child.  During each service rotation, all doors remain locked and a member of our security team is present. 

In addition to our security system, all of our Preschool volunteers have passed a state and national background check and at least two volunteers present for each rotation are CPR certified.  Also, we sanitize all toys weekly to help keep our children's department clean and your little one healthy.